Binance is one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency exchanges and is among the safest exchanges known all over the world. One of the reasons why Binance is safe is that it allows the use of 2FA, that is, 2-factor authentication. In this way, your binance account will never be taken over by malicious people and your money will remain safe.

Another aspect that makes Binance exchange safe is that the customer service service is solution-oriented. You can solve your problem with a binance employee directly via live support, without having to ask the question of whether binance is safe when you have a problem. In this sense, Binance proves to be safe as well as being a unique cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

But who owns the binance exchange? In which country was it founded?

Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao, born in 1977, and was born in China. Educated in Canada, Zhao completed his education in computer science. Since Binance is a safe exchange, it requires authentication after signing up to make sure you are a real person. In this way, you will be able to complete your crypto money purchase and sale transactions with confidence.

Binance, whose number of customers has reached 100 million as of now, is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. With hundreds of cryptocurrencies supported, it is ahead of its competitors.

Why should you choose the binance exchange over other exchanges?

I explained above that the Binance exchange stands out with its reliability compared to other exchanges. Another of the biggest advantages of the Binance exchange is its low commission rates. The difference becomes apparent when compared to one of its biggest competitors, Coinbase. When you want to deposit money on the Coinbase exchange, a 2% commission fee is charged. However, keep in mind that this rate is a minimum of £0.55 no matter how small you trade.

Also no Margin trading or crypto futures for coinbase. In addition, high transaction fees are charged. (High commission rates). Customer support is limited and it’s hard to get immediate resolution.

Binance Commission Fees 2021

The standard commission rate on the Binance exchange is 0.10%. Therefore, we should point out that these fees are quite low and that commission fees that are 10 times lower than the market are offered. The commission rate for futures (M-futures) is only 0.04%. Therefore, the binance exchange is completely unrivaled in the market in terms of commission rate.

Let’s take a look at the commission fees of other cryptocurrency exchanges;

Bittrex: Unlike Binance exchange, Bittrex exchange charges a commission fee of 0.35% per transaction.

Kraken: 0.26% for spot trading. 0.9% to 1.5% (depending on crypto) for instant buy/sell.

As you can see, the commission fees of the binance exchange are quite low compared to the market. You can register for these low commission fees with 10% commission discount and 25% BNB Coin commission discount by clicking the link below. In this way, commission fees for buy/sell transactions will be much less.

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Books show the way.

Books show the way.